Since 2013, the Embrace Life community has offered informative seminars, experiential meditations, sound healing and “hands on” demonstrations through local, boutique festivals throughout Sydney and regional NSW locations while keeping in touch through articles/blogs, videos and podcasts on their online platform, Gratitude Online.

The energy has continued to build with many people travelling far and wide to connect with their messages and knowledge often shared at our physical events, or by browsing their monthly updates.

Lighten UpThe Lighten Up Summit is a collaborative effort to take our collective knowledge beyond the physical boundaries of distance.

Be part of our growing conscious community – connect, learn and receive wonderful insights within the comfort of your home.

Explore the world of the conscious entrepreneur from some of Australia’s leading and emerging experts in the areas of natural health, personal development, spirituality and creativity.

Free to join, the summit will cover a wide range of topics and starts on 19 September 2016.

Each video allows you to hear their stories, share tips/lessons and get to know each speaker on a deeperLighten Up Summit level while showcasing their various areas of expertise.

The videos last for 30 to 40 minutes giving you the ability to enjoy “taste-bites” of their knowledge: be it you are a conscious entrepreneur and you have now found your tribe, you are curious to what “being conscious” actually means or you are seeking for ways to take your current practice to another level, the summit will allow you to choose what topic you want to know more about (with 10 videos being released each day, and available to view a further 5 days).

Be open to receive within the summit whatever resonates and if you want to explore a little deeper, enjoy the multitude of “special offers” that have been extended.

Interact and engage with your own personal questions in our dedicated Facebook event page during the Summit. Our Lighten Up Summit is a space created for you to belong, contribute and for us all to Turn Up The Light!

And after the Summit, what next?

Our Lighten Up experts will be offering online programs at additional cost, in specific areas.

You have the ability to upgrade for 12 month access for all the videos to be at your finger tips, giving you more time to digest the content and accessing bonus videos that will not be part of the actual summit. Want to know more?

As always you are also welcomed to attend our Embrace Life festivals, invited to browse our updates on Gratitude Online, be part of our Instagram and Facebook community or become more involved as a business – there is always a way to connect with your soul tribe, in whatever way feels right for you!



Co- Hosts and Founders, Lighten Up Summit

headshotSze Wing Vetault, is an Intuitive Coach, speaker and writer in personal development, spirituality and Goddess Archetypes. SzeWing offers personal coaching, workshops, Goddess retreat and online programs to connect and empower women to embark on their own Heroine Journey. She coaches with intuitive insights and practical strategies to support her clients to find their authentic purpose, passion and success. (www.GoddessArchetypes)

SzeWing is a certified quantum life coach, past life regression therapist, angel therapy practitioner, and reconnective healing practitioner. She is also a contributor and editor for the multi-media platform Gratitude Online.


deb small

Deborah Shepherd, the founder of Gratitude Online and Embrace Life community is passionate to support conscious entrepreneurs, creative and wellness businesses within a collaborative environment and in turn, build an awareness of what they provide to improve and/or maintain overall health and wellbeing.

Contributing to “spreading the light” was the primary motivation for Deborah to co-create the Lighten Up Summit. Believing we all play a role with humanity starting with being in the present, grateful for all that life brings and taking responsibility of how we all “turn up” and interact within the world.


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