Believe ~ how our beliefs can influence and create our reality

Carole Gridley, Festival Of Ariel

Personalised Perfume for Positive Manifestation

Artisan perfume creator Carole Gridley formulates natural perfumes that blend the exquisite aromas and powerful therapeutic benefits of authentic essential oils, including those from native Australian plants.

She creates perfumes uniquely for each person. A personalised handcrafted signature scent can help you feel special, more confident and positive.

And applying your unique perfume mindfully as a daily ritual, together with visualisation and affirmation, is a potent aid towards manifesting a desire or intention.

Carole is a qualified and highly experienced aromatherapist and massage therapist. Her passion for aromatherapy led her to undertake training in the art and craft of perfume making and her ongoing study of natural perfume compilation.

Radhika Naik-Deshpande, Radiance Holistic Wellness

Heal Your Life, Love Your Life

Radhika is the Founding Director and Holistic healing facilitator at Radiance Holistic Wellness. She was inspired to start Radiance Holistic to support others after she healed herself of auto-immune condition, using holistic healing methods. Radhika has worked as a scientist for the Australian government and her background in science compliments her holistic practice in many ways.

Loving and accepting ourselves unconditionally is the key to happy and fulfilled life. However, for most, if not all, of us, it is next to impossible to love ourselves. Combining the principles of Heal Your Life® philosophy with effective energy healing Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT/Tapping), Radhika will support you in transforming your self-loathing into self-acceptance. Begin to love yourself unconditionally and watch miracles unfold in your life!

Samia Pego Keating, Focus Mind Coaching

The Career Revolution

Samia Pego Keating is The Career Revolution Coach and founder of Focus Mind Coaching.

She is passionate about help professional woman who feel unhappy and unfulfilled in their careers to gain a confidence boost to make the transition to a career they love, whether it is change career path or become an entrepreneur.

Some years ago, Samia was working as a recruitment consultant, and despite being very successful in her career, deep inside she was felling stressed and unfulfilled. She undertook a journey of self-discovery that resulted in being able to align her skills and expertise in doing what she loves: helping others start their own career revolution from the inside out.

Samia is certified as a Master NLP Coach, as well as Master Time Line Therapy and Master Hypnosis certifications, from Tad James Co. She also holds a strong inventory career assessment certification and Diploma of Human Resources.

Barbara Brangan, Intuitive Soul Coach

Mindful Mums - Happy Mum’s = Happy Kids

Barbara is a gifted Psychic and a Mum of 2 young kids. She is super passionate about Mum’s reclaiming and discovering their intuition and using it to bring fun and purpose into their lives.

Since Barbara discovered her intuitive gifts, only in the last 4 years, life has transformed and often involves frequently featuring on live TV.

However the best part has been how embracing her Intuition has transformed her as a Mum. She is calmer, happier and more fun!! She now wants this for every other mother and is achieving this through her live Mindful Mums events and through private coaching sessions. 

Denise Jarvie

An Inward Revolution

Denise is an Energy Intuitive and Soul Counsellor. She instinctively senses and interprets the unseen vibes of the soul to enlighten, empower and heal.

Through her readings, healings, teachings and writing, she inspires you to follow the path of your heart.

Denise would love to be your personal spiritual assistant on your journey of inward revolution.

Michele Keenan, Her Success Secret Coach

The Power of Magnetizing and Manifesting To Create Unlimited Abundance

Michele is an international Law Of Attraction Success Coach and an emerging intuitive healer.

Empowering the professional woman to eliminate limiting beliefs, to work with clarity and clear vision and gain the financial freedom that opens up to living the life of their Dreams.

She will take you on a journey into your amazing future using the principles of seven Universal Laws including  the Law of Attraction guiding you to bigger and brighter opportunities.

Sharing  her knowledge of future visioning and the power of creative visualisation that will magnetise wealth, abundance, peace joy, and most of all happiness. 

Giving you the power to transform the direction of your life through and guiding you to manifest more of your dreams effectively, and effortlessly to create abundance and the life you desire.

Shelley McConaghy, Divine Balance

The Joy of Reiki

Shelley’s gift lies in identifying where light needs to be shone. Shying away from the word healer, she prefers to think of herself as a conductor, or tuning fork, for the Divine.

As a Reiki Practitioner, Polarity Therapist, Crystal Healer, and Angel Intuitive™ Shelley provides her clients with a gentle, relaxing healing experience of rest and repair. She brings a breadth of knowledge, and a dedication to facilitating the healing process. A process she’s adamant, is all about them, not about her. 

Shelley has a reverence for the human experience, and a respect for the uniqueness of everyone’s journey.

Alison Filihia, Let Love Bloom

Earth Angels Staying In Balance and Bloom

Never in a million years did Alison “Believe” she would be doing what she is doing now, running her own holistic kinesiology practice, working as a spirit medium, doing Angel Card readings and running spiritual development classes and courses.

But after years of emotional and physical exhaustion, and chronic illness, and self-sacrifice to keep others happy, Alison finally learned the huge lesson of self love and self care. In doing so, she has completely healed her body, transformed her life, family and discovered infinite love and support from the Spirit world.

Alison was over joyed to hear she was not alone with her issues and discovered she belonged to the beautiful group of heart centred, nurturing souls, called “Earth Angels”, who are so good at taking care of everyone else but struggle to take proper loving care of themselves. In her practice, Alison is very passionate about helping other Earth Angels heal their “disease to please”, cycle of co dependent relationships and take back their health and happiness.

She uses many natural healing techniques to help her clients tune into their own inner guidance system, stop pushing the “snooze button” on their inner voice, connect to their Angels and take action with confidence, so they Bloom too!

Marisa Finestone, Change HQ

Re-Connecting With Yourself and discovering the Success and Happiness within You!

Marisa is an Inspirational Speaker, Personal Empowerment Coach and Corporate Success Mentor, in the field of Human Change Technology & Mindbody Medicine. She loves what she does and has a natural flair for identifying & encouraging you to see your own innate potential and the infinite possibilities that are available to you today.

 She believes “Success is making a difference in someone’s life” and her passion is driven by you “rediscovering just how amazing you are and seeing you get the results you desire!” She’s very grateful for the many people she’s been fortunate to support along their life journey. For more information visit

Lucy Plikss, Your Happy Healthy Life

Embracing Our Energetic and Emotional Cycles

Lucy is a lifestyle coach and conscious connector for women with big ideas and little time. 

Working with women who are ready to move forward and start living a life they love, Lucy facilitates a process that was uniquely designed for women that enables them to effectively cut the ties to all that may be holding them back, as well as learning how to really tune into their own energy and emotions for overall health and wellbeing, because how we feel, is everything!

Something Lucy had noticed and became passionate to help change, was that women, and especially mums, are so often putting everything they want to do last, and as a result, many incredible gifts and experiences aren’t being shared with the world!

Lucy believes that all women need to embrace their inner power far more than they do and so loves sharing how you can honour your energetic and emotional cycles to live and work with more passion, efficiency and fun, whilst scheduling in the essential down time exactly when you need it!