Nourish ~ to feed, nurture and grow your mind, body and soul


The Art of Connection

Myola Woods a pioneer with bravery and courage speaks about the things that make most of us uncomfortable.

Myola specialises in teaching individuals and couples the art of connection, creating and cultivating the choice of arousal, to deepen intimacy, sensation and pleasure. She is a Certified Sexological Bodyworker and Somatic Sex Educator with extensive experience in Education, Bodywork and Energetics.

As a Sexual being, mother of 4 teenagers and pleasure enthusiast, Myola appreciates the time constraints, daily and social pressures, that can play havoc on our erotic lives. Myola teaches ways to explore and enhance your love making in everyday life. Using techniques and practices that can turn you and your life on.

Stephanie Meades, Life Wellness Co.

Assisting people to transition from packaged, processed foods to 'REAL FOOD' simply, affordably and sustainably to achieve optimal wellbeing

Stephanie Meades is a Holistic Health Coach, Founder of Life Wellness Co., Published Writer, Speaker, Mother, Wife, and Daughter.

With an extensive educational background in the health field including a Bachelor Degree in Exercise Physiology, Nutrition and Level 2 Wellness Coaching along with many years experience working within her local community and in more recent times nationally, Stephanie’s vision is to be a catalyst for positive change in people’s lives through educating, empowering and inspiring both individuals and families to regain control of their health and wellness through simple, effective lifestyle modification focusing on nutrition, movement and mindset.

Stephanie provides individual and family health coaching services within the community and corporate setting, as well as running a series of REAL FOOD inspired workshops and online programs to assist as many people as possible with their unique health journey.

Ruth Marxen, Co-Shea Skin Therapy



Self Care Rituals for Holistic Nourishment

Ruth offers a safe, nurturing, healing sanctuary specifically to allow others to take a breath and find an equilibrium in today’s busy world. Her holistic face and body treatments focus on relaxing and rejuvenating the individual and her natural skin care products, Co-Shea Skin Care combined with the healing powers of the aromatherapy oils are incorporated into the therapy treatment. 

Ruth has worked in the health and spa industry for over 25 years and is diploma trained in beauty therapy, aromatherapy, massage therapy and art therapy. Her experience in the health and well being sector has enabled her to design her own style of holistic therapy which incorporates all the senses and her workshops are creatively themed.

Vicki Cook, Inspired Change

UNLOCK your passion for life through Raw Foods

Vicki is fascinated by the healing ability of the body and passionate about health. Her mission is to educate, facilitate, inspire and empower women to unlock their joy and passion through connecting with themselves, raw food and being present so they can create a sweet and abundant life. 

Vicki is a qualified Health Coach, Kinesiologist, Raw Food Teacher and owner of Inspired Change and loves spending time in the kitchen creating sensational raw treats.

Vicki runs raw food or no cooking workshops introducing the benefits of raw food and how easy it is to incorporate it into your life style. Vicki loves sharing her passion for whole foods and coaching people on their journey towards health and well-being. 

Salina Hainzl,

Have Fun while getting healthy with tea

Passionate about the importance of the quality of the tea, and the creative process of loose tea blends, Salina extends this into us viewing a good cup of tea into our daily ritual of mindfulness, and self care.

She believes this a wonderful ritual of creating your own blend, taking the time to enjoy it and the stillness, allows you to connect to the essence of who you truly are.

Salina Hainzl owns the leaf tea specialist shop, a tea information library and an author of 8 Australian Tea Guides and a Tea Biz Coach.

Carole Hodges, The Fragrant Bridge

Essential Oils - The Spirits of Plants

Carole Hodges is a professional aromatherapist and massage therapist who is passionate about spreading the word that aromatherapy and essential oils are more than just a pretty smell. They are a powerful healing force that work not only on a physical level but also on a soul or spiritual level and can lead to deep healing.

Carole has over 20 years of essential oil experience and has studied in Australia and abroad. She also teaches about essential oils, both their physical and subtle uses and is the author and publisher of the Fragrant Change Healing cards

Margie Hare, Nature Health

Nourish Yourself Through Organic Gardening

Margie’s journey of self-healing started in her early twenties after being diagnosed with arthritis. Instead of using surgery or drugs for pain, she opted for alternative methods of treatment and went organic from those early days.

She has been gardening organically for over 50 years now and was awarded the prestigious Herb Woman of the Year award in South Africa for education in herbs. At this time she studied under Joan Lawrence Symons at the Herb Association of Southern Africa, running a successful organic herb business before coming to Australia. On arrival in Australia, she was invited to be the keynote speaker at the International Aromatherapy conference in Melbourne.

Her book and tape, Aromatherapy Massage, sold more than 600,000 copies in five countries. Margie graduated from the Dr Vodder School of Austria in MLD to complete her clinic work.

As a certified Qigong teacher in the Tiandi Gigong school she has had the honour of touring with Master Zhao, attending master classes in China twice and realizes that Qigong is the cornerstone of health, wellbeing and anti-aging. No matter where in the world she is, she has tools to the fulfil her life’s mission, and encourages as many people as possible the different ways to take charge of their health naturally.

Jayne Tancred, Tribe of the Tree

Lighten Up, Buttercup!

Jayne Tancred is Co-Founder and Chief Tree Hugger of Tribe of the Tree™ flower essences. With their fun, cheeky attitude, these Australian-made flower essences and flower essence mists capture the energy and healing potential of the plants they’re made from with just the right combination of potency and gentleness.

There are Tribe of the Tree™ products to help boost your confidence, strengthen your determination, inspire cheerfulness and more – a total of 14 flower essences and 5 flower essence mists, made from native Australian and international plants. Available online and from selected natural health stores and practitioners.

Geraldine Zadkiel, Heart Connection


Geraldine Zadkiel, founder of Heart Connection – A Self Empowered Approach to Health.  She holds a Diploma in Holistic Kinesiology and is deeply passionate about working with emotions and healing past trauma on all levels, specifically childhood abuse and trauma.   

Geraldine loves to works directly with subconscious behavioural and emotional patterns to identify original patterns causing disharmony and pain whether that be physical pain (disease, injury, chronic pain) Emotional Pain (Depression, Anxiety) Mental Pain (Overthinking, Insomnia).  Geraldine believes that happiness starts with the first step towards change and an understanding that healing is a process of the movement of energy.

You have the power to heal yourself!

Krista J Smith

4 Keys to Body, Mind & Heart Training.

Krista takes us through 4 key fundamentals to balance and nourish our beings. Discover how Physical energy is the foundation of all other energy flow. Understand our emotions greatly govern our ability to high performance. Learn how our Mind Influences the natural universal principle of cause and affect, see how the energy of purpose & passion comes deep within from our own Life force.   

Krista J. Smith is a Speaker & Body, Mind Expert Somatic Therapist. Through her work as a yoga Teacher, Shiatsu Practitioner and Personal Success Coach she has guided people to live the extraordinary. British by birth. Krista left England in 2004 to travel the world and seek out adventure. Krista has always been incredible fascinated with the human body, mind and spirit. Krista has come to believe many of humanity’s social issues come from malnutrition of the body, mind & spirit.

Everyday Krista wake’s up in awe of our ability to be co-creators ” I get out of bed everyday because I love the human spirit and our ability to be resilient, heal & transform”.