Move ~ transition from one place to another, energetically & physically

Cate Peterson, Yoga Hive & Seasonal Yoga Treats

Managing Your Health Through Yoga

Cate’s passion for human evolution is fuelled by more than three decades as a yoga teacher, meditator, occupational therapy and therapeutic massage. Her experience in switching people on to possibilities for mindfully managing physical and mental health through the many tools that yoga has to offer.

From Seasonal Yoga Treats which provide the nuts and bolts of optimum health to the wider picture of United Nations World Yoga Day , Cate works through various platforms to make yoga accessible, fun and part of the solution .

Lars Skalman, Yoga Seasonal Treats

Managing Your Health Through Yoga

Lars believes yoga enables us to deal with our aches and pains, our disappointments and struggles and fosters a synchronicity between self and the world. It helps us to understand and accept who we are through its focus on breath and movement.

Lars trained as a chef then became interested in wholefood and macrobiotic cooking. He became curious about the relationship between food and the body and mind and is able to offer advice about the ways diet can be used to support the changes engendered whilst practicing yoga.

Lars has been extensively involved in Hatha-based yoga, initially training to teach Ki yoga. He has taught in Sydney for the past eleven years.

Tania Sloan, Stepping Into Self

Meditation is the Foundation for everything

Tania Sloan is totally passionate about meditation and all that it brings to herself and the people around, which is why she has chosen to incorporate meditation into her working life and thoroughly enjoys teaching Transformative meditation at both the Awareness Institute in Crows Nest and at Basically Crystals in Penrith.

Whilst Transformative Meditation is her first love, Meditation 123 for children is a new 3 step nature-based meditation program which helps children start with meditation in a safe environment. Learning how to empower themselves and go through life’s challenges with confidence.

Tania’s other passion is working with essential oils (nature’s pharmacy) and essences (spirit’s pharmacy) and incorporating them into all aspects of life and business, constantly creating unique blends to represent people’s businesses and lives.

Megan Williams, The Liberated Coach

Feed Your Freedom

Megan Williams is a Nutritional Therapist, Personal Trainer and Holistic Health Coach for women who would like to transform their relationship with food and exercise to create the life and the body of their wildest dreams!

After a long battle with obesity, body image issues and then a swing toward disordered eating, she now pleads women to learn from her mistakes and get off the endless dieting and weight loss ride. She supports her clients to approach getting results in their body, spirit and mind from a place of love and compassion.

She is a passionate speaker, writer and mentor. She loves to travel, run, cook and spend time with her new husband! Her ideal Friday night is a glass of red and a Julia Roberts movie and she has never been able to cartwheel…but she won’t give up trying!


Reclaim and Reconnect to the Wildest and Most Empowering Aspects of the Feminine

Sabrina Lynn, founder of ReWilding For Women, has impacted the lives of thousands of women across the globe.  Having taught in some of the largest organisations in Australia (Commonwealth Bank, Tourism Australia, UNSW, BHP, QBE and WNBN) she combines her down-to-earth approach with depth, wildness and raw power; which are the unique signatures of ReWilding.  She facilitates at a depth where remarkable transformations, healings and openings in women’s lives are a common occurrence.

Sabrina has studied, practiced and taught archetypal psychology, neuroscience, leadership, shamanism, energetic healing, meditation, astrology, tantra, physiology and mind-body connection.  

She currently leads ReWilding For Women workshops, retreats and online programs to international audiences. 

Nici Verriest, Natural Energy Balancing

heal from allergies, intolerances, hormone imbalance and gut issues

Nici has been running her Natural Energy Balancing practice on the Central Coast, NSW for 8 years after making the change from being a registered nurse to being a healer specialising in food sensitivities and intolerances. Her son’s severe eczema and colic from birth led her to find a practitioner and then train in this new way of healing.

She is passionate about helping parents identify and implement dietary changes in order to create happy, calm and focused kids. She has trained with the MINDD Foundation to understand the complex causes of the health and behavioural issues associated with autism or ASD and has seen some remarkable results over the years.

NEB is a non-invasive, natural therapy which has the ability to identify and clear food and environmental sensitivities, hormone imbalances, nutritional deficiencies and chemical toxicity. Using a combination of acupressure and kinesiology, it is able to improve absorption of nutrients, support the immune system and balance the energy. She is continually amazed at the ability of the body to heal and repair.

Shan Withnell, Shan Therapy

Massage Therapy and Intuitive Healing

Shan knows what it’s like to live with chronic pain and how that affects every single part of your life. Helping you reconnect with your intuition and take control of your own health is what she loves to do most. As a remedial massage therapist and intuitive healer for over 23 years, Shan has knowledge, experience and skills to share to make your own healing faster, more effective and more fun. 

Sandy Colder, Be The Best I Can Be

The best gift you can give: The best YOU!

Sandy has a Bachelor of Health Science and a Bachelor of Education. She was a High School PDHPE teacher for 9 years before a serious health scare and her daughter Imogen being diagnosed with Autism at 2.5 years. This changed the course of her life.

She now helps people in achieving their health goals and creating healthy lifestyle habits that allow them to get great results and keep them. 

Cherie Pasion, Connected Mama

Transitioning from Career to Motherhood

Cherie Pasion is an author, mother and founder of Connected Mama. She lives up to her name and is deeply passionate about the transformative journey women take when they become mothers. Her book It’s Your Birth…Right? helps professional women emotionally manage the change from being a professional to being a mother. 

Cherie runs programs focused on proactive emotional preparation for their motherhood transition centred on her Connection Compass – allowing women to form rich connections with themselves, their baby, their partner and community as well as nature.

Melissa Matthews, Medium & Healer

Star Seeds: Who are they and why are they here?

Melissa Matthews is known for her skills as a Medium and Healer. During her readings and healings, she guides you through your natural Clair abilities and style of meditation to help you understand your personal method of connection.

From early childhood, Melissa was keenly aware of her abilities and connection with those who were unseen along with her fascination of Religion, Nature and the Universe as a whole. Everything was possible, infinite and without physical boundaries. Melissa’s abilities are now coming to the forefront as she is attracting and connecting with Star Seeds, Universal beings who are incarnating in physical form on Earth. Their sole purpose is to bring in the Light and Love of the Universe and to assist Earth through this time.

Melissa offers her own perspective on the subject of Star Seeds, her personal journey and the profound sense of grounding, belonging and purpose she felt on realising who she Is.

Maureen Callister, Self-Centered Clinic

Scent of Wellness

Maureen Callister is a specialized Kinesiologist, Master of NLP and owner of Self-Centred clinic in Sydney. Maureen supports her clients in an approach that integrates Neuro-training kinesiology, coaching, counseling and NLP. She has undertaken additional training in Reiki, Pranic Healing, Reflexology and Massage.

Maureen is  also the founder and owner of Altearah Australia.  Maureen started importing organic wellness fragrances from the south of France in order to provide her clients with a quality organic product that would support their wellness journey. “I wanted something that my clients would be happy to use which also encouraged healing and Altearah Bio does both beautifully”.

Maureen has worked internationally and locally in the health and wellness field. She specializes in recuperation and health recovery, anxiety and depression, teenage stress plus spiritual and personal development. Her goal is to support her clients by discovering the root cause of their pain and stress. “I work with my clients to heal the past so that they can move forward toward greater fulfillment with greater joy and ease”, she says.