Dream ~ to explore beyond the physical realm, accessing the wisdom of the soul

Sze Wing Vetault, Coach 

Embracing Your Feminine Power & Goddess Archetypes

Coaching isn’t about therapy, but clarity. It helps to gain courage, momentum and makes people become extra-ordinary. It leads to a path with least resistance and a road less travelled. SzeWing coaches conscious individuals and purpose driven entrepreneurs to a fulfilling, well-balanced and successful life. She speaks, writes and promotes in the health & wellness industry. She is the co-founder of Lighten Up Summit, author and teacher of Feminine Power & Goddess Archetypes, editor for GratitudeOnline, consultant for publishing and media companies and creator of many online courses.

SzeWing left her hometown Hong Kong at the age of 16, lived in Norway and London before permanently moved to Sydney Australia. She has a highly analytical and process driven background as an economist and consultant. SzeWing holds a master degree from the prestigious London School of Economics & Political Sciences and worked for high profile institutions such as South Australia Government Treasury & Finance, Queensland Sunwater and a publicly listed company on London Stock Exchange. For over a decade now, she has immersed herself into practicing life-affirming modalities. She is a certified coach, intuitive, energy healer, hypnotherapist and regressionist.

Other more personal facts about SzeWing include her being a new mum, long time yogi and meditator, big fan of Joseph Campbell, previously Latin dance competitor & teacher, retired child actor and supporter of Indigenous Literacy Foundation, World Vision & Oxfam.

Naomi Nonu-Carling

Intuitive Guidance for Living Your Purpose

Naomi’s psychic and angelic connections began when she was just a child. With both out of body and clairvoyant experiences, she harnessed her gifts by becoming an Advanced Angel Intuitive and Spiritual Channel.

Naomi’s professional experience spans 12 years, serving hundreds of clients internationally with holistic psychotherapy, spiritual healing, psychic readings and channeled messages.

She has experienced profound spiritual initiations in Australia, England, Egypt, Israel, New Zealand and Thailand. Naomi assists clients to develop professionally, spiritually and emotionally with her retreats, courses and meditations.

Currently she is a channel for www.OneMindLive.com guiding spiritual seekers all over the world in live meditation every week.

She has used these powerful tools to achieve creative freedom, to establish an international business and overcome personal trauma. Her qualifications include a science degree in psychology, holistic psychotherapy, NLP and pranic healing.

Barbara Callan

Tapping Into Your Innate Wisdom

Barbara Callan is an intuitive consultant, mentor, and coach. Her many years in education working with all age groups, from 5 year olds through to adults, have given her a broad range of skills.

As a learning and behaviour advisor, an ESOL teacher, a workshop facilitator and a coach and mentor, Barbara’s experience comes together in a unique way as she combines all these skills with a strong intuition which allows her to connect with the client’s energy field and in a sense, become them.

Barbara has clients worldwide and who regularly seek guidance and clarity on matters ranging from personal, business, and important life decisions. She works with her eyes shut, tuning into the client’s energy field and whatever they are thinking and feeling she will get.

Valentina Mathias, Balance Begins With Me

Accessing Your Soul Journey Through The Akaskic Earth Records

Valentina is a Akashic healer, reader and trainer living and working on the Central Coast of NSW.

She is OBSESSED with energy work – every single day she activates crystal grids, energy clears & re-aligns, her personal energy grid, does Reiki, Tibetan singing bowl healing, reading Akashic records, tapping, meditating, walking on the beach, talking to her deceased father, her Inner Child, her Totems – receiving massages, Bowen therapy, Reiki, attending yoga classes, shadow dance workshops, women’s sharing circles, having lunch dates with like-minded souls … she literally lives and breathes a multi-dimensional lifestyle and LOVE every second of it.

She shares in this interview, how you too could connect with the Akashic Earth Records and in doing so, you can live your life to purpose.

Elizabeth Mulheron

Connect With Archangel Michael and Rediscover Your True Power

Liz believes her calling in life is to be the best she can be and to make a positive difference in this world of ours. With a proven ability to empower and inspire others and to help them overcome any hurdles, fears and challenges they face.

Liz channels and works alongside Archangel Michael on a daily basis through her calling as a Psychic, Medium, Reiki Therapist and Pranic Healer.

Archangel Michael guards us against all effects of fear and fear-based energies. He is our supreme and loving protector. Liz is bringing through his guidance to life by creating her empowerment cards. By working with these cards you will bring positive changes into your life and into the lives of those around you. You are a powerful instrument for change, rediscover you true power.

Komal & Hanuman, Kosmic Fusion

Akaashik Records Neutralisation with QVSWPP

Komal & Hanuman are fully-qualified Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave Photon Pulse (QVSWPP) Master Practitioners. They co-host Cosmic Meditation circles as well as offering Akaashik Records Neutralisation with QVSWPP sessions and QVSWPP Multi-dimensional Healing transmissions in physical and remotely (world-wide).

Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave Photon Pulse (QVSWPP) is the Mother of all energies, frequencies and vibrations works on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels and re-connects your True Self. This is an alternative and complementary therapy option for people who wish to explore a holistic approach to nourish their mind body and soul.

 Komal & Hanuman co-facilitate Kosmic Fusion AwaKeNiN & TrANsForMaTioN and QVSWPP Practitioner workshops. They have also set up Holistic Freedom Wellness Centre www.holisticfreedom.com.au in Central Coast and practice in Sydney area, they travel throughout Australia to offer their services.

Kym Kennedy, Personal Development Coach & Mentor

Connecting with the Fairies

Kym Kennedy supports women around the world to create the life they love. She assists them to get back into the driver seat of their lives and to live their purpose, their passion and to their full potential.

In her interview we touch on how to connect with the energy of the fairies, what they can show us and why in bringing them into our lives, we get to experience more joy and exhilaration.

Kym offers many ways to work with her and to learn more through her personal coaching, workshops, Fairy Readings, blogs and youtube channel.

Michelle & Sharon, Basically Crystals

Supporting Your Spiritual Transformation

Sharon and Michelle are committed to serving the needs of your mind, body and soul. They take a holistic approach tailored to your energy, interests and needs through their business, Basically Crystals.

At the basis of all your needs is Mother Earth’s crystal kingdom.

From those that are just curious through to others on their spiritual path, at Basically Crystals they pride themselves on providing a range of resources, services, guidance and education to support your personal and spiritual growth all under one roof.

Their store provides a sacred space for you to belong, be and become. The services aspire to ignite your inner light to promote peace and empowerment to enhance your personal and spiritual growth.

Lisa Winter, Sacred Ground & Space

Sacred Geometry & Magick

Lisa is a multi skilled artist, Psychic and business owner of Sacred Ground & Space

Lisa’s aim is to share her art so she may inspire with people to open their minds and see the connectivity with all things. She is inspired by her experience with entheogens, magick ritual and meditation practice. This continues to be an evolutionary process and she finds this subject matter to truly resonate with who she is as an artist.

She is fascinated with the energy and power of sacred geometry and how we can tap into the collective through magick symbology. By doing so Lisa hopes to guide people to explore their own self empowerment creating balance with our light and shadow to become whole.

Christine Hass, Visionary Artist

Spiritual Message Drawings

Christine is Visionary Artist, whose drawings are inspired and channeled to give the client a message, that is unique and specific for now.

During a session with Christine, she will be able to connect with a higher knowing and from this she is able to draw your spirit, guide, angel or animal. Once she has completed the unique drawing, she will then interpret and deliver the message and meaning from the drawing.

This artwork may assist people in their path of awareness and may open a connection with their Higher Self. It’s positive energy will radiate in the space of the drawing where it is hang, and will ‘talk to you’ always.