Create ~ to bring into form, the creative expression of the soul

Deborah Shepherd, Gratitude Onlilne

Creating A Conscious Movement through Community and Collaboration

Deborah Shepherd founder of Gratitude Online, Embrace Life festivals and now co-host of the Lighten Up Summit is motivated every day with an inner knowing that it is only when we truly let go of the old  – “what is in it for me” mindset to honouring each other and finding ways to collaborate, knowing we are more than we may understand and a bigger picture is at play, that we will create extraordinary change in the world.

Her blend of practical business acumen with intuitive guidance has shaped what her business is today, and it continues to provide the solid foundation for every decision made in creating her conscious community. Our world needs us to step up, reminding us to take responsibility of who we are, how we “turn up” and to collectively shine our light!

So what does being a conscious entrepreneur mean? Is this a new-age trend or a much needed way to approach business, and why do people who truly connect to the overall vision, know they have finally discovered their soul tribe.

Karen Bowller, Soul Purpose Productions

Creating Your Unique Message

Karen has been described as a crystal healer with the power of the pen. As a former journalist, she works with wellness business owners to help them craft their unique message.

After a health challenge and spiritual awakening in 2008, she sought the help of natural therapists and was amazed at their talents. Today she hosts writing workshops that blend spiritual values and practical techniques to help wellness practitioners with their marketing message.

Her journey as a soul communicator has enhanced her work as a crystal healer and host to spiritual events in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales, Australia.

Veronica Lee Drayton, Love Light & Gratitude

Creating Goals with Soul

Veronica is a on a mission of spreading Love, Light and Gratitude around the world. 

What started as a physical wellness journey after a health scare in 2012 has lead to a passionate and in-depth adventure into spirituality, holistic health and the mind body connections. 

She has a drive for guiding others through their own exploration to finding their core desired feelings and creating a life they love through her Desire Map Workshops. 

Veronica  also has a deep passion for empowering women all over the world and as a proud ambassador for One Girl she’s currently fundraising with her team to send 30 girls to school in Africa.  

Melanie Gilchrist, Dietflex With Mel

Create the Body You Want

Mel is a Dietflex weight & wellness coach based in Ipswich, Qld and Hub Leader of the Ipswich Wellness Hub (Wellness Hubs Australia).

Her passion for creating wellness stems from battling her own depression, healing her body of hormonal imbalance and other conditions, losing a close friend to suicide, as well as watching her dad struggle with schizophrenia for nearly 30 years.

Mel enjoys helping people to better their health and achieve sustainable weight loss with weekly Dietflex coaching sessions, where she provides support and accountability in person or by phone. She has four children and her interests include weight training, meditation, gardening, reading and piano.

Kyla Tustin, The Greate Group

Create Your Great by Turning Up The Love in Your Life

Have you ever felt a little different, like you don’t quite fit in with the world? Knowing intuitively you have a really big, bold purposeFULL mission only you were born to live ..

And yet …. you wake up everyday, stressed out, exhausted, overwhelmed and with a deep dissatisfaction and disappointment, wondering how you ended up in your current life …

Well, I’m so excited, you have arrived at your most wonderful self love “Liberation” initiation, a magical, though often uncomfortable, contraction before your greatest life expansion.

How do I know, I’ve been there and know with the right guidance you will find yourself happy again, in a world where everything makes sense. A place where you attract the most loving and supportive relationships, you trust yourself, follow your intuitive guidance, and take the steps to create the career, business or creative endeavour you have always dreamed of. Filling your life with soul centred, heart fuelled prosperity, success and abundance beyond your wildest dreams. 

And it all starts by going within to turn up the love and “Ignite Your Creative Spark” 

Kirsten Hartley, Wellness Advocate with doTerra

Conscious Entrepreneurship in Health & Wellness

Kirsten Hartley has been a Wellness Advocate with doTerra essential oils since 2009. 

For Kirsten, it’s a perfect fit. She has a diverse and extensive background as a naturopathic herbalist, her own small businesses and large corporate. 

She has the ability to talk to people about their needs in health and wellness as well as teaching the understanding of how we can use the energy of money ethically, honorably and responsibly. 

Through the leadership of doTerra in this field of conscious entrepreneurship, she is able to educate and mentor people into soul-based businesses.

Despina Pappas, Infinite Pathways Mandalas

Mandalas: Windows To The Soul

Despina Pappas is a Mandala Artisan and with great honour she presents ‘Infinite Pathways Mandalas’.  Mandalas are her passion and calling, where the creative process is organic and intuitive, having its basis in Sacred Geometry.  

Through this Sacred Art, she brings forth, The Divine Love and Light of God, through simple yet powerful cosmic designs. They are a reflection of the Soul’s Essence and assist in healing at the deepest level of the subconscious, a tool to gain knowledge from within to assist in the process of personal transformation.  

May they bring Infinite Love, Joy, Happiness, Health, Prosperity and Abundance.  May they heal, be a reminder of Who We Really Are and the Discovery of Life Purpose.  Once found, the expression of one’s Unique Gifts opens doors to the Infinite Possibilities for an Extraordinary Life. 

What a precious Sacred Divine Gift resonating the Essence of You to reflect upon and see the Self through the Eyes of God.

Louise Charman-James, Soul Signature

How to Use Your Authentic Voice to Create Greater Health, Money, Love and Fun

Louise Charman-James from Soul Signature is a spiritual singer and voice healer, meditation teacher and Accredited Sound and Light Channel. She helps her clients to find their authentic voices, connect with their unique soul gifts and feel confident to fully express themselves in all areas of their lives.

As a sound and light channel, Louise brings high frequency healing energy through her voice in the form of channelled light language. These powerful energy transmissions clear blockages and limitations in the mind, heart, body and energy field so that the client can access more of their own power, truth and creative expression. Clients report significant positive shifts in health, relationships, career and finances after a session with Louise.
 She is also a certified EFT practitioner and Compassion Key facilitator.

Louise has a longstanding connection to song as spiritual practice and is an experienced kirtan musician and singer. She offers Healing Voice classes in Sydney and Wollongong and will shortly launch her first online course, Authentic Voice, Authentic You. Louise also runs Full Moon and New Moon Meditation groups in the Illawarra and occasional retreats.

She is a founding member of vocal harmony group ELF, a member of a women’s frame drum troupe led by renowned sound healer Jane Elworthy and a volunteer musician with the charity A Sound Life, which brings music and yoga to people who are sick, disabled or socially disadvantaged.

Jan Roberts

Beautiful, bright, happy, healthy babies don’t happen by accident!

They begin with the health of both prospective parents before conception. What every teen should be taught and what every parent and grandparent should also know – the effects of modern diets, alcohol, smoking and drugs on fertility, on the health of eggs and sperm and what that means for subsequent foetal, infant and child development. No matter how near or far away your baby-making plans, its never too soon to get started on ensuring the healthiest possible sperm, eggs and potential mum. Jan Roberts, pharmacist, nutritionist, much-published author and specialist in preconception care, will discuss why his and her preparation for pregnancy has never been more important, what’s involved and best supporting products.

Jan Roberts is a pharmacist, nutritionist, author and educator, graduated from Sydney University (B. Pharm [Hons] 1967), with further studies (Dip. Clinical Nutrition 1982) leading to an area that has been her passion for thirty five years – encouraging couples to achieve optimal physical and mental health before they conceive as a means of having the healthiest baby possible. A serial entrepreneur, she is also the co-author of an ‘evergreen’ four-book series and the author of two updated books, ebooks and mini ebooks from Random House Australia. She is an engaging and entertaining speaker and a role model for all her recommendations.

Claudia Boymouchakian, Purple Angel Healing Centre

Spiritual Growth Journey

Claudia Boymouchakian is a clairvoyant psychic who Works with the Angelic Realm and with Mother Earth’s gifts, as an an Angel Intuitive and Universal Shaman. Claudia is a Reiki Master and Energy Healer and she also holds a PGDip in Educational Psychology and GradDip in Education.

Claudia has a Heavenly touch and a down-to-Earth approach to her interactions with her clients, working with adults and children with Angels and Crystals.

Claudia has helped many people with her psychic readings, energy healing and spiritual counselling sessions and courses, as well as training amazing Crystal Power Healing and Reiki practitioners in Australia and in Argentina.

As a teacher and educational psychologist, Claudia loves teaching about Crystals and Angels and guiding others to discover their life purpose and giving them with clear steps to create the life they wish!

She is the founder of Crystal Power Healing and Purple Angel Healing Centre, in Sydney.

Her Armenian background has equipped her with the natural ability to read coffee cups since early age and she is a sought-after psychic for answers, guidance and eye opening readings with a touch of counselling.