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We are launching new online courses with our speakers! 

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Enjoyed our summit, and want to explore more?

Ready to take a leap of faith and dive into something new?

Take another step and develop your learning further.

You can now take a course with the comfort of your own home and at your own pace.

We have an incredible line up of courses for you. More details below.






NEW! Online Video Classes


Unlock Your Passion For Life Through Raw Food with Vicki Cook

Have you been searching for a way to truly nourish yourself? Would you like more energy and vitality? Are you ready to shine?

In this program you will learn the health benefits of raw food and how easy raw dishes are to prepare. There are 14 dishes in total ranging from breakfast, dips, greens smoothies, lunches, dinners and also desserts. Each recipe is gluten, dairy and added sugar free, no cooking involved and they taste sensational. A demonstration video is also included with each recipe.

Unlock your passion for life by starting to explore raw foods today and while experiencing the difference.

Vicki Cook Professional PhotoIncluded bonuses:

  • Why Soak Nuts and Seeds
  • Mindfulness and Mindful Eating
  • Menu Planner
  • Essential Oils

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Special at $77 until 24th Sep. Standard pricing $99

Channelling your Higher Wisdom with Denise Jarvie

A sacred unfolding of your Flower of Life

Have you ever wondered if you are connecting to spirit? Join Denise on a magical journey of expansion, love and healing. You will learn how to raise your vibration, connect to your higher self in a way that resonates with you and open a channel to divine higher wisdom.

The Information for this course arrived while Denise was channelling her Higher Wisdom called “Astar” as she wrote the messages contained in her Flower of Life wisdom cards.




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Embrace Your Feminine Power and Goddess Archetypes with Sze Wing Vetault

Do you sometimes feel something is missing in your life and you have a deep yearning within you to fully express your gifts and potentials? 

Goddess archetypes are the inner pattern of  a woman’s psyche. Each goddess archetype represents a set of instinct, interest and personality traits. So often we carry on with life without a deeper understanding of who we truly are but only who we “should” be. Often we don’t know why we get into repetitive behavioral or relationship patterns that may not serve us. 

Learning about your natural goddess archetypes will add clarity and authenticity into life. It also allows us to fully accept and love who we truly are.

SW small

In this video and audio course, you will learn about 6 Greek goddess archetypes (Athena, Artemis, Demeter, Persephone, Hera and Aphrodite), their myths and wisdom. You will discover those who are active in you and ways to grow beyond. You will be introduced to the Women Cycle of Life and your Heroine Journey, your inner transformation. This course include 9 classes, self-reflection questions for each class, a meditation and an accompany eBook.

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5 Points Better Babies Program with Jan Roberts

Infertility affects one couple in six and rates are rising. There’s a connection between modern diets, unhealthy lifestyles, toxic environments and infertility. Preconception health care for both partners has a better than 80 percent success rate in treating infertility.

But there’s more to preconception health care than improving fertility. Hoping for a full-term pregnancy, short straightforward labour, secure bonding and successful breastfeeding? Want a truly beautiful, bright, happy, healthy baby?

Jan Roberts_ppThen Jan Roberts’ Better Babies 10-module Program is for you! Jan has thirty five years’ experience in this field – just join the Better Babies Free Webinar to find out more.


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Sensuality for Sophisticated Women with Myola Woods

What if you could develop your Sexual Skills in your own home?

Transform your life Become the lover you have always wanted. Discover the 4 Pillars of erotic practice because they are the foundations of great sex.

  • Breath
  • Movement
  • Touch
  • Sound

Sensuality for Women is a mindfulness practice. This is a very effective way to assist people to break free of limiting and unperceived habits and to go deep into their own embodied experience. Instantly you will gain more awareness because you will be guided with meditation, movement, breath, touch and sound.Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 8.43.50 pm

Discover ways to retrain and rewire your brain for potentially more pleasure, sensation, feeling and awareness. Learn techniques and practices to build into your life that develop presence, pleasure, awareness and inspiration. 


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The Essential Guide for Earth Angels and Empaths with Alison Filihia

 In this 4 week Online course, self confessed Earth Angel and Empath, Alison Filihia from Let Love Bloom has put together this essential, survival guide to help other beautiful, kind earth angel souls not only survive, but thrive and Bloom too!

Learn exactly what it means to have Earth Angel and Empath traits, your strengths and weaknesses, how to heal the “disease to please” and learn that self love and self care is not selfish it’s SMART!

AlisonDevelop your intuitive gifts, connect to your Angels and learn how to tune into your own inner guidance system through self muscle testing or by using a crystal pendulum. This course includes guided meditations, videos and workbooks, which can be used daily to help you Bloom.


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Inner Healing for Outer Health with Shan Withnell

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to manifest your healthiest self, using your own energy systems. This short course is an introduction to your intuition. You will learn why you can rely on your intuition for the best guidance available and how to access it on demand. You will be able to:

  • Heal yourself and others from the inside out
  • Clear and expand your aura, balance your chakras and get grounded
  • Give yourself and your friends a simple card reading
  • Perform a heart/mind balance
  • Grow an energy ball that can be used for healing multiple ailments
  • Have an easy space clearing techniqueShan pic for web

You are about to enrol in a short course that can change your life for the better!


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Spiritual Growth Journey with Claudia Boymouchakian

Join Universal Shaman and Energy Healer Claudia Boymouchakian on a comprehensive and lovingly guided 4-week Spiritual Growth Journey program.

Let your Soul shine! Connect with your Higher Self and raise your energetic vibration with the pure energy of your Soul.

This is a powerful course that will help you connect with your Spirit. Learn to hear and trust the messages you receive and take action steps to manifest the Life you came here to live.Claudia

Love and celebrate your uniqueness creating the life you desire. Expand your awareness and wisdom beyond your imagination. 


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Available from 22nd of September 2016

Opening to Channel with Naomi Carling

4 part video and audio course with course book | available 22 september 2016

Have you always wanted to channel but never had the information or coach to help you?

This course is for those who are inspired by channels or wish to develop psychic or spiritual gifts. Learn the exact steps to channel in the comfort of your own home.

In this course you can go at your own pace, with 9 videos and audio downloads, a course book PDF and a BONUS video on how to Channel with Sound and Medicine Drum.

This is channeling made simple, with the warm and insightful Naomi Nonu-Carling providing guidance on – what is channeling, how to set up your sacred space, specific tools to raise your vibration and spiritual guidance receptivity and her own personal tips.

All of this for only AUS$97.



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Japanese Seasonal Yoga with Cate Peterson and Lars Skalman

This course will build a full picture of Yin Yang Go Gyo or the Five Element Theory , the guiding principle of Japanese Yoga. By working with seasonal yoga poses, in these five separate seasonal packages we teach you how to look after yourself all year round.  Our course includes yoga poses, meditations, breathing techniques , philosophy, recipes, food guidance and acupressure tips.

Staying in sync with the seasons allows you to work towards true vibrant physical and mental health . Download it now and incorporate all it has to teach at your own pace throughout the year to come. 

This course correspondence to 30 hours of Seasonal Yoga Treats. By taking this course you will be offered to attend any of our courses at a $40 discount.

 Cate Petersonlars




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Scents of Wellness with Maureen Callister

Wellness is achieved through the expression of our emotions, so let you emotions speak. Altearah Bio product range offers you healing support for Body, Mind and Soul for you, your family and your clients.

Combining aromatherapy  with colour therapy to deliver a powerful healing medium that is a joy to use and experience. Discover a whole new world of wellness through beautiful cosmetics. 

As this is a new concept I am offering you a sneak peak into the Altearah Bio offering plus some great product offers to get you started.

Special Offer: 5mmaureen-headshot-lgel box set:

Normally $135 – Lighten Up Summit price $100


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 NEW! Online Audio Classes


Love Yourself to Your Ideal Weight with Radhika Naik-Deshpande, Ph.d

In this online course, designed to be completed over 6 weeks, you will be empowered with,

  • The awareness of your relationship with and beliefs about your body.
  • The awareness of your eating and exercise patterns.
  • Mental, emotional and spiritual skills for successfully stabilising your weight.
  • Techniques to stay on the unique food and exercise plan created during the course.
  • Unconditional love and acceptance for yourself and your body, exactly as it is NOW!

Are you ready to LOVE yourself to ideal weight?Radhika- 20160528- 15_2




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Coming Soon!

A Beginner’s Guide to Detox with Nici Verriest

Nici has supported many clients to better health over the years of running her Natural Energy Balancing practice. She has condensed some of the wisdom and experience from her own journey with food intolerances and her son’s allergies and has put this 5 module course together to help you make sense of the different options and opinions out there. 

Module 1: Keeping it simple – changing the way you think about food

Module 2 : Clean living – how to create a space of ease and grace, supporting your health and well-being be eliminating toxins from your home

Module 3: Healing the gut, the causes of gut inflammation and what to do about it

Module 4: Three main invaders of our intestinal tract: Candida, unfriendly bacteria and parasitesNici

Module 5 brings you into the energy healing realm and takes you through some case studies to describe what is really possible and how the body CAN heal given the right support and nourishment.

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Coming Soon!

Personal and Spiritual Growth through the Senses Using Crystals with Michelle Angeloni and Sharon Cini 

This course is for everyone whether you are just starting on your journey or been walking your path for a long time. We are walking you through the six senses and the associated Clairs. You will also be introduced to a number of crystals that will help you connect to and enhance your senses.

You will receive a Powerpoint slide Instruction Video, PDF Information worksheets, Crystal Bowl Meditations and an Energy Clearing POD casts.





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Happy Mum = Happy Kids with Barbara Brangan 

More details coming soon!

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