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Denise Jarvie, Energy Intuitive & Healer


Video Class

Opening to Your  Higher Wisdom

Higher Wisdom is our private voice of authentic truth, also called intuition, insight or guidance. When listened to we learn to trust and honour our feelings. In this video class, you will learn what higher wisdom is, where it comes from and how to tune into it through a special guided meditation. Also included is a Mini Playbook PDF that contains a summary, a transcript of the meditation, “how to choose an oracle card for insight and direction” with Denise’s Flower of Life Wisdom Cards and two special vouchers.

Sze Wing Vetault, Intuitive Coach


Video Class

Discover Your Goddess Archetypes – An Introduction

Learning about the Goddess Archetypes is a new pathway to self-acceptance, self-love and empowerment. In this video class, you will learn about the myths and wisdom from the Goddesses, identify which Goddess Archetypes are most active in you and understand the strength and shadow aspect of each. You will start to see the patterns in your relationships and life choices, more importantly, new ways to grow beyond those archetypes. Also included in this video class is a mini eBook “Discovering Your Inner Goddesses” .


Vicki Cook, Health Coach



Cravings: understanding the messages of your body

Do you crave chocolate? Chips? Bread? Do you feel your body is letting you down and you feel out of control with your cravings? Did you know that cravings are a sign that something is out of balance in some way in your life and it is your body’s way of bringing this to your attention. This ‘being out of balance’ could be  emotionally, mentally, physically or spiritual  and to bring ourselves back into balance we need to pay attention to ‘something’ in our lives. By deconstructing our cravings we are able to hear the messages our body is telling us and then do what we need to, to bring more balance into our lives and reduce the cravings.

Cate Peterson & Lars Skalman, Seasonal Yoga Treats

 1 Free YogaPass

Bringing yoga into your life

YogaPass aims to help you find a yoga class that you LOVE! By attending lots of different classes at various studios, you can find the one that fits. Your free YogaPass will be valid at over 500  studios. If there isn’t one near you just call us and we will make sure to find you one.

Jan Roberts, Author and Educator


Recorded Webinar

Your Better Baby starts right here!

Your Better Baby doesn’t happen by accident. It starts with the health of you and your partner before conception. This introductory webinar will inspire you to get started on Jan Roberts’ Better Babies Program. Improve your fertility, have a trouble-free pregnancy, a short, straightforward labour (yes, really), and a wonderful bonding and breastfeeding experience. If you’re already pregnant Jan’s program has something for you too. This webinar will give you the simple, foundation, lifestyle changes that can make a huge difference to every aspect of reproduction … and your beautiful bright happy healthy baby will thank you!

Your Better Baby starts right here!

Myola Woods, The Erotic Coach

Meditation: Reconnect with your joy, aliveness and passion.


Wouldn’t it be great if there was a Mindfulness practice to get your mojo on?

This mindfulness practice shows you ways to locate, contact, nurture and expand your erotic self, even if you can’t find it.

Learning techniques that enable continuous ways to develop a relationship together. Reconnect with your intimacy and partner on a deeper level.

Myola specialises in teaching individuals and couples the art of connection, creating and cultivating the choice of arousal, to deepen intimacy, sensation and pleasure.

Shan Withnell, Intuitive Healer


eBook: Easy ways to clear your aura

Your energy body, the aura and chakras, are the gateway for your life force energy to enter your physical body. By keeping your chakras healthy, your auras clear and your channels open, you keep your connection to spirit, or universal consciousness, strongly plugged in and working for you. In this mini ebook, you will learn simple ways that you can clear your Aura at home!

Claudia Boymouchakian, Founder of Crystal Power Healing


With busy lives and multitasking most of the time, we need to slow down and take care of ourselves. When we do too many things we spread out our energy and we can become depleted. Finding the right balance between a busy life and a relaxed calm state is fundamental to create a healthy, balanced and joyful life.

This short and beautiful “Zoom In” meditation helps you to bring the energy that you have spread out to the world, back to balance. You will bring your energies, emotions and thoughts into tranquillity, ease and into a calmer state, into the now… You will have more energy and a balanced and happier state… Enjoy!

Second Bonus: $50 off a Crystal Chakra clearing and balancing session!

Experience a powerful healing session with crystals to clear and unblock your chakras, center your energies and balance and relax your physical, mental and emotional bodies in order to bring forth more joy, calm, health and mindfulness into your daily Life! Email to book:

Maureen Callister, Kinesiologist & Altearah Distributor

$20 OFF your consultation

There is such a myriad of wonderful choices among the Altearah Bio product range it can be head spinning to decide which one. The Solutions – ask Maureen for help. Maureen is a kinesiologist so she can muscle test the best solution for you. Not only that but Maureen can decipher what you are blocking you energy flow, find the root cause and help you clear it.  

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Naomi Carling, Spiritual Channel

Bonus Video

How to Channel Sound with Medicine Drum.

Learn how Naomi uses Sound in her group and individual sessions and receive a sounds journey in this bonus video.

Naomi’s psychic and angelic connections began when she was just a child. With both out of body and clairvoyant experiences, she harnessed her gifts by becoming an Advanced Angel Intuitive and Spiritual Channel.

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